Kaiouki Vol. 9 Ch. 27 + Maou Saikon Ch. 2

Nanaten here wishing everyone a happy Lunar New Year (I think it's the year of pig?). I just got my internet fixed yesterday, albeit it is still pretty slow at the moment.

This week's video: I voiced Koichi in ThunderMuffin's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure In a Nutshell video (first part here)
It was a fun experience to voice  a Jojo character. While there is a line of mine that was cut from the final video, it is still fun. If you have the time to watch it, please leave a comment over at ThunderMuffin's channel and tell him that I sent you.

Anyway, thank you for reading my translation of Maou Saikon. I still couldn't find the series on Novel Updates, can someone notify them? I'm still fixing the first chapter, so if you found a mistake in there, just leave a comment and I will try to fix

About this Kaiouki chapter: so we're finally off the ship battle and onto skirmish part of the battle. So everyone gets to showcase their abilities once again, but this time on the enemy's ship. I don't want to say anything because I don't want to spoil the battle.

So here are this week's reading. Next week will be a T&T update.

Maou Saikon Chapter 2:
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Kaiouki Volume 9 Chapter 27:
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