Ake no Tobari Ch. 141 & T-Sensei Vol. 4 Ch. 21 + Maou Saikon Ch. 3

Nanaten here wishing everyone a (belated) happy Valentine's Day. To celebrate, We have three chapters waiting for you.

This week's videos: I and a bunch of members of Melon-nin group sang a number of duets as part of our Melontine's day special. You can check our the full playlist here.

A little bit of news: Momochi Dori, the author of Ake no Tobari had to take a hiatus due to get treatment for his left eye. He'll be back working on Ake no Tobari on March 1st. Strangely enough, my left eye also hurt the past couple of weeks. I couldn't stop rubbing my eyelids to the point I felt like gouging my eyes out (total exaggeration, I know). But after a plenty of rest, it is getting better.

Also there was a poll on Momochi Dori's twitter page about which character he would draw wearing cat ears on February 22nd. On staggering 44% of 1000 votes picked Kokonoe. Second and third place goes to Tekka and Meyui respectively with Iwao on last place with 14% votes.

About these chapters: special shout-out to Eva and Mayu for providing the excellent-as-always cleaning and typesetting. Now that Tobari is "cured" from his condition, there's no reason for the animosity from Kokonoe for the reminder of this arc. That being said, there is still Rikugou threat lurking, so we have to wait and see first.

On T-Sensei chapter, there is a part where Hana does a magical girl transformation from a (not so) old anime show (you'll see which one). I could've sworn that I've seen that anime before but I couldn't recall which show it was. One thing I know for sure: it wasn't Pretty Cure. If you happen to know which magical girl series it is from, please comment below.

So here are this year's Valentine's Day chapters. Next week will be a Kaiouki update.

Maou Saikon Chapter 3:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 141:
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T-Sensei Volume 4 Chapter 21:
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