Maou Saikon Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Cooking with My Wife

For the moment, I returned to the Demon King Castle using spatial magic.
I returned to Parliament Room and my secretary Toluarena was doing office work.

Toluarena is a female demon kin with black hair and glasses. She looks like a school chairman. Because of that she was nicknamed "Chairman" by her subordinates. Call her that, she will get angry.

"Sir Demon King, you went out for too long. In such cases, please make tell me in advance."
She pushed up her glasses as she said that. It was kind of a sarcastic tone, but I'm used to it. If it's really painful for me, I'll dismiss it.

"Sorry, I had an urgent matter. There will be a slight changes in personnel affair. Erm, first, I would like the guards assigned to guard me at night when I sleep to be transferred to different department."
"Huh? But why?"
She asked for the reason.

"I got remarried, so I will be living at different place."
It was an exasperated sigh.

"Erm, I can understand the marriage part. Moreover, You didn't have any children and you didn't get remarried, so the could me a dispute over succession. You were told to remarry from various places. Still...."
Her eyes are scary.

"Why won't you live at Demon's Castle? It's unthinkable considering of your status as a Demon King to live in the house of your bethroned."
I know. I also have considered that.

"You said that. But it's bad for humans to live in Demon King's Castle, you know?"
"Wha... WHAT?!"
The "What" has increased.

"To begin with, if there is a rumor that a hero is betraying the country, they might send another hero to Demon King's castle."
"EHHHH!? What do you mean? Please elaborate! Are you perhaps drunk?"
"I'm sober."

As I said that, her eyes are looking at me as if I am garbage. No matter how much, it is disrespectful.

"Erm, this is just my speculation. Is it that female hero that came earlier today? Isn't she a girl who only have lived for mere fifteen- sixteen years? My King, this is bad news. You should've aim for someone around their twenties. You are already middle aged."

In other words, she was saying that it's like a crime. I know that, but every man would see a fifteen-sixteen year old girls adorable. I wish you understand that.

"You're wrong. I didn't marry the female hero..."
"Oh, thank goodness. Sorry for looking at you like garbage."
So you were aware about looking at me like that.

"I married the female hero's mother."
I told her the truth, but her face said "What the hell did this guy just say?"

"What do you mean? Are you out of your mind? Did someone put a spell on you? But. any magic that causes instant death or mental confusion should be invalidated."
I was searched on the back and shoulder. You, if the gender is reversed, it should count as a sexual harassment, you know?

"It's the truth. By the way, I did the proposal and was accepted."
"So you've already done it?"

"So please do something about it."
"Like I can! Such thing, even if recently humans and demons are on friendly terms, it is unprecedented!"
I could not understand it.
However, I cannot give up there.

"Well, as long as there is love, it can break through the age and race barriers. Wasn't there such story from long ago? About a demon and a hero who fell in love?"
"That was a fiction! Besides, the hero in this case is your step daughter. The circumstances are a bit different."

"Either way, I still still fulfill my duty as a Demon King! It should've been fine if I use spatial magic to commune! I am the Demon King! I am the rule!"
Toluarina wanted to say something, so I used spatial magic to teleport out of the room.

I teleport to Mrs. Lithia's kitchen.
Steam is coming out of the pot. It seems that Mrs. Lithia has only started cooking. Today's main menu is stew, I wonder.

"Oh, Mister Demon King, welcome home!"
Mrs. Lithia turned around to greet me.
The destructive power of Mrs. Lithia in an apron is amazing. How do I say it? She's a goddess.

"Yes, I'm home... Lithia."
It's still awkward to call her that. After all, it's only been a few hours since we first met.
Or even, is it okay for me to move in immediately? I might have to take more time for that.

"I'm also cooking your portion, Mister Demon King. Is there anything you cannot eat?"
It seems that I am supposed to eat here.
"Oh, yes. As long as it is not Holy Water."
Demons and humans have the same body structure. Demons only have stronger resistance to poison and the like.

"I don't know when Angelica will wake up, so I made stew. So if it gets cold, it can be reheated. But I want you to eat it soon"
"I see! By the way, could you stop referring to me as Mister Demon King?"

To tell the truth, I want her to call me "Darling". But I didn't have the courage to say it.

"My name is Galt Ryuzen, so could you call me Galt from now on?"
"I understand, Galt. Galt, isn't it? What a great name."

A great name, eh? I've been told that by my vassals many times, but I could never take it to the heart because I knew they didn't mean that. But now I can feel to be proud of my name.

Also, I just noticed this, but when cooking she ties her hair to the back. The way she ties her hair is also beautiful.

Oh, that's right.
Is it okay to allow only her to cook?
Isn't bad to have the conception that women should stay in the kitchen and cook these days? Is it disillusioned? What about the thought that all demons are savage?
To begin with, I was the one who did the proposal. I don't think I should let her do the cooking for our first meal together.

"Erm, let me help you. Perhaps I can help with peeling the vegetables?"
"You don't have to do that."
"No, I insist!"
"Then could you prepare the carrots and onions?"

I carried my task earnestly.
Working together with my beloved wife. It's nice.

I thought it was a kind of manual labor at first, but it's not.  It feels like various kinds of happiness.

"Oh my, you are so good at peeling~♪"
"Demon eyes are invulnerable to onions, so let me chop them all!"
"Then shall we make another meal using onions?"
"Let me help!"

I've been a Demon King for a long time, But it really has been quite a while since I remember this feeling of satisfaction.
The serenity of a household, I have forgotten how it feels.

It doesn't feel particularly painful because I have forgotten it, but once I remember it, it's impossible to call my current life of only working and sleeping a life.

To eat meals at a shop or to eat from a boxed lunch.
That is, of course, tasty, but it is in different kind of taste.
I am already happy before I eat the meal.

"Oh dear, did the onions got to your eyes?"
I seems to have cried.

"Hahaha, it wasn't the onion, I was moved, that's all."
How many centuries since the last time I made meal with anyone, I wonder?

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