Frequently Asked Questions

Nanaten's Random Friday

Over the year I got asked questions by people (mostly my mom). It was fun at first. But then same questions keep popping up again and again it's starting to get annoying. So, I decided to make this FAQ to address those questions.

Q: Are you Indonesian?
A: Yes. I live in Makassar hence the weird release hour.

Q: Y U do dis?
A: It was started back when I was applying for college. When I was studying for entrance exam, I read Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi and I fell in love with it in an instant (seriously, how can you resist those cute little dragons?). Of course, those translated chapters weren't enough, so I get the Japanese raws for Koryuu Monogatari. I didn't know any Japanese back then (still do) so I thought It would be a great opportunity to practice my Japanese and English.

Q: Why did you stop translating Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi?
A: Back then I didn't have the appropriate skills to make up for it. There's too many complicated kanji I just can't read. And the lack of furigana is the nail in the coffin. So I apologize.

Q: Nanaten, you suck at grammar and spelling!
A: I know. English is not my first language. Ironically, I took English major so I can become an english teacher.

Q: If you suck at grammar, why don't you recruit an editor?
A: I prefer to work alone cause honestly, those editors are wasted on me. I just don't know how to work with other people. I'm too lazy and impatient to write the transcript and wait every week.

Q: When do you release next chapter?
A: With the new patreon scheduling, I post at least one chapter on my private blog every Saturday at 12 a.m. Central Indonesia Time. Then I post it on this blog one week later. You can get the download link on my Livejournal and Tumblr.

Q: Why does it take you so long to translate x?
A: I planned to switch manga per volume. Once I'm done with one volume, I'll switch to another manga. With my scheduling, I can work at least 20 pages per week (translating, cleaning, typesetting, proofreading). So yeah, it takes a while.

Q: Why don't you translate the original Tekken Chinmi?
A: First of all, I haven't finish reading the original series either. Even with public raws available online, that's still more than 30 volumes worth of reading/translating. I already have Kaiouki and Shura no Mon which has more than 30 volumes each. And to my surprise, I also have a life outside translating. I might translate the original series, but the chance of that happening is slim.

Q: If you work solo, how can we help?
A: Well, you can start by giving me encouragement on the comments. I always sit here for hours every time I post a chapter just to wait for your comments. It gets lonely here sometimes. I could just look at the comments at Kissmanga. But since they banned me, I can't post anything there. I'm also accepting donation and I just started my patreon page.

If you have any more question, just leave it on the comments below.