Maou Saikon Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Second Marriage is Established

Mrs. Lithia lay down the unconscious female hero on the bed
Heroes are sturdy, so she will recover. I only blew her away. It wasn't a fatal injury.

After that, Mrs. Lithia actually brought herbal tea.
"Yes, please have a drink. Ah, it isn't poisoned, so please relax."
She's giggling so I assume it was a joke.

"Well, I am a Demon King. I won't die of poison."
"That's right. There are still people who are still make evil of Demon kin. It must be tough for you, Mister Demon King."
"Yes, especially with recent administrative reforms and other things. Erm, I am the man who attacked your daughter, you don't mind?"

"It's a Hero and Demon King kind of thing after all. Besides, You brought her home like a gentleman. I can depend on you more than a man I don't trust."
Aah, she has the heart that doesn't discriminate against either demons or humans.

That too resembles Sasaya.... No, I should stop comparing the two of them.
Mrs. Lithia is Mrs. Lithia.
I was attracted to her because she is attractive.

"Angelica is the name my husband and I came up with so she would be blessed by an angel. But my husband died of sickness. Because of that, she desires to become stronger, so she became an adventurer."
"I am sure, as your daughter, she wanted you to not struggle in life."

I didn't say that out of laziness. I too was raised watching my parents struggling hard.

The previous Demon King, my father, only had time for work. My mother was in charge of raising me.
It was still the era where women were taking care of the household. But as the wife of a Demon King, she also had to take care of political affairs. Still, she raised me without complained.

Now they are retired and living leisurely at outskirt of demon land, but for the most part of their lives when they struggled, I wanted them to rest easily.

"That may be so. She really is a good child."
Mrs. Lithia was laughing while thinking of her daughter.
I just noticed that there is a mole next to her lips. It is quite sexy.

"Well, Mister Demon King, may I ask you a question?"
Mrs. Lithia changed her tone a little, I was surprised.
"Sure, please ask."

"Does my daughter have the potential to become a hero?"
That was a straight question she asked.
As a mother, that would be the most concern, I bet.

"She was able to reach your place, so that's what I thought. But you doesn't seem to receive any damage at all."
"Yes, I will be honest in telling you what I think, is that okay?"

"Yes, of course. I won't get angry at anything you say."
"I think she as a potential. I also feel that she has the personality. However, she is still rough. It seems that she lacks foundation and only fights on her instinct."

Somehow, it feels like I'm doing a formal review of a personnel. But, this is fine. After all a Demon King is a top-brass, so that's a given.

"She can improve with instinct alone to such extent. However, she will reach a bottleneck. From there, she will have to find someone to learn the foundation immediately. Preferably from a famous adventurer that is far from average."

"You're right. This is the countryside, so she never practiced at a martial arts school."
It seems that Mrs. Lithia agrees with me.

"She was lucky to arrive at my chamber this time, but I don't think she can reach me yet. She should train carefully or it will stop her development.

It's strange, how come I was able to talk about it so seriously?
Not only that, I was telling her sincerely.

"She arrived in my chamber, but according to my subordinate's report, she came directly at me while avoiding confrontation with other generals."
There are such individuals from time to time who tried to defeat demon kings in such short time. They are either wants to take it easy or impatient.

"As it is, it can be said she received a heavy wound. It is time for her to learn from those who have the foundation. Please tell her that"

I said as a leaned forward.
Anyway. that female hero Angelica will try to come after me again.
To kill her after that would leave a bad after taste. It's terrible.

Mrs. Lithia chuckled.
"Mister Demon King, you sound like her teacher."
"Yes, I have shown you an humiliating sight."

I was also at fault.
"This is the first time I have tea at the house of a hero."
I sipped the herbal tea Mrs. Lithia served. I prefer spicy drinks from demon land. It is my favorite, but this is also delicious.

"This is the first time I met someone who seriously thinks about my daughter beside my husband."
Other than her husband.
Those words struck my for some reason.

The words came up from the bottom of my heart as if it stood out of it.

"That's... because I am fated to fight your daughter. If we were to hurt each other, I can endure the pain... but...."

I cannot say anything than that.

And in my head, the face of my late wife comes up.

She laid out a smile and spoke to me.

(Dear, you don't have to live for my sake anymore. You may start over. Please live to protect another living person instead of me.)

I remember.
That was the last word my late wife said at the end of her life.

I never thought I would feel something like this ever again.

"It will cause you grieve if I hurt that child. So, if anything, I would like if we don't have to fight ever again. So... that's why..."

Then, I leaned forward once again and said,

"Mrs. Lithia, would you marry me?"

Mrs. Lithia stared at me blankly.
That's right. This is too sudden. Moreover, this is coming from a Demon King. Of course she would be silent.

However, I hate silence more than being rejected, so I continued.

"Y... you see, then Angelica will be my daughter, so we won't be fighting anymore. And there won't be any dispute among the Demon Royal Army. Thus, the country can achieve peace...."

Wrong, these are nothing but excuses. It's not my true intention.

"I fell in love with you! Since the moment I set my gaze upon you!"
I want to use my life to bring this woman happiness. I cannot put any other reasons.

Mrs. Lithia's eyes were blinking.
Dreaded silence continued for a while.

But. she showed me a smile.
Just like Sasaya. No, It was a smile only Mrs. Lithia can give.

"If you are fine with me."

"Ah, thank you! I'll be in your care!"
I lowered my head on the spot. I was so embarrassed, I couldn't look at the face of Mrs. Lithia.

"Yes, please take care of me as well."
Mrs. Lithia gave out her hand.

I held that hand tightly.

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