Kaiouki Vol. 9 Ch. 28 + Maou Saikon Ch. 4

Nanaten here. My internet connection has excruciatingly slow upload speed, it almost took an entire night to upload this one chapter.

This week's video: I finally uploaded my cover of Lemon by Kenshi Yonezu
This is a rerecord of the cover I did last year. I never uploaded it on youtube because other than the quality, I couldn't find a nice picture of a lemon. I even considered to buy a lemon and took the picture myself, but my house was so messy, I couldn't find a spot to do it (also I forgot to buy the goddamn lemon).

Random stuff: this week, I finally got to see Dragon Ball Super Broly movie at a theater. The movie only have theatrical release in Indonesia just this week. All I have to say about the movie is that it was the best Dragon Ball Movie I have ever seen. The only Dragon Ball movie I've seen were Fusion Reborn and latter half of Battle of Gods. To see this movie in theater is a different experience entirely. The animations are smooth, the musics are uplifting, the comedy is on point, and the battles just sent chills on my skin.

Let's talk about the best part of the movie: BROLY. I am immediately in love with his character. Props to Toei for actually making me care about this character. His demeanor is a reminiscence of Goku from the original Dragon Ball, the only part of the series I actually liked. Through the entire movie I was cheering for Broly to beat the crap out of Vegeta and Goku. My favorite part of the movie is when Goku does consecutive hits on Broly to no effect only for Broly to return it with a one-two punch. Accompanied with such uplifting music (I don't know if that's a word to describe it), it was cathartic.

My only rant about this movie is the moment right before the battle begins. I might have missed a couple of visual cues, but there is a lack of motive behind the fight other than "Oh we're Saiyans so we have to fight", so the stakes are never that high, even with Freeza and Paragus present. The revenge motive was thrown out of the window once the battle starts and I was like "Why were they battling again? But hey, at least the battle animations look cool."

So yeah, Dragon Ball Super Broly is amazing. Totally worth the wait. I highly recommend to see it in theaters. If only I am not broke this month, I will go see it again.

About this chapter: so this is the last chapter of volume 9. I will now move to another series again (preferably non Kawahara Masatoshi related). I will be working on volume 10 in a couple of weeks at the same time because I noticed that I left it on a cliffhanger again.

Other thing: Maou Saikon manga finally has a translation group working on it. You can check the first English-translated chapter at Mangadex here. Also if you could share my WN translation, it will be much appreciated.

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