Ake no Tobari Ch. 298-299 & CnR-KM Ch. 42

Nanaten here absolutely forgetting that I have a scanlation blog to manage. My brother's wedding planning has been hectic. The wedding is in two weeks. I barely have time to rest. And oh, my cats full of fleas, which transfers on to my bed, resulted in me getting less sleep because they keep biting me in my sleep. My entire body is covered in bug bites and scars from scratching.

Ake no Tobari Merch is up

If you've not been watching my youtube channel or my patreon page, I am proudly to announce that I have an online store over at https://nanaten-shop.fourthwall.com/

We have some cool merch to celebrate the upcoming Ake no Tobari chapter 300. We got T-shirts, prints, mug, hoodies. And we're planning on producing even cooler stuff should everything goes well.

If you sign up on my patreon page, you can get a 10% discount code for your purchase.

I made a music video

Early this month, they released a Live Action TV Special of Great Teacher Onizuka called "GTO Revival". It's a continuation of the 1998 live action adaptation of Great Teacher Onizuka. This particular adaptation holds a special place in my heart. The 1998 live action was the first adaptation of the original manga, preceeding the anime. It was the first GTO media I watched as a kid back in the early 2000s. The story touched me in a core level, it legit inspired me to take a carreer path in teaching. So when hearing about the GTO Revival featuring the returning cast from that particular adaptation, you can tell how excited I was.

Back in 2018, I did a cover of the theme song of the live action series. It was well received. When the announcement of the TV special came around, the view count of that cover skyrocketted. That being said, I wasn't satisfied with the video because of the filter I put on it. So with the Revival series in mind, I thought of remaking the cover with a full blown music video.


Also I watched the TV Special. It was alright.

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