Ake no Tobari Ch. 300-301 & CnR-KM Ch. 43

Nanaten here. A lot of things happened while I was gone. So let's go over it one by one

My Brother got Married

First, congratulations, my big bro and his beautiful wife. The prep work for the wedding was a nightmare and a half. Two wedding receptions in a span of one week. I sang "My Heart Will Go On" at the groom's part of the reception. Question for you guys: what's your go-to song to sing at a wedding?

I did a Collab with Ruang Obrol

A few days before the wedding, I posted a collab video with Ruang Obrol. We both are fans of Shura no Mon series, so we've always wanted to do a collab where we talk about it. However, because we live in completely different part of Indonesia, we couldn't do it, until now thanks to the power of technology. In my part of the collab, we talk about Fudekage, the first manga series I've ever completed.

While on Ruang Obrol's channel, we talk about Shura no Toki volume 16 and 17.

I finished Ace Attourney: Spirit of Justice

So I could've posted this last week. The reason I forgot to do that is because I was playing Ace Attourney: Spirit of Justice. It was a fun game. The spirit vision (or whatever it was called) mechanic was so frustrating on later cases, that I had to consult to a guide. But regardless, I had a wonderful time. I'm still contemplating whether I should play the original triology or skip to the Great Ace Attourney. 

About these chapters

I can't believe we're already at chapter 300. This series has become a huge part of my life for the past 8 years. And I hope it is a huge part of your guys lives too. I planned a bunch of stuff to commemorate this milestone. Our Ake no Tobari merch is available on our Fourthwall shop. Please buy it and send me some pictures of them on discord server or twitter once they arrive.

Alright, here are the chapters. I'll see you guys next time, hopefully soon.

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