Ake no Tobari Ch. 296-297 & CnR-KM Ch. 41

Nanaten here. How is everyone doing? It's been a while. Anyway, here's the things that you've been missing:

Did another online appearance at Midtown Festival

I was invited once again to participate in a Karaoke event. This time I sang Sleep Walking Orchestra from Delicious in Dungeon. Speaking of, I remember one of the early review I made on this blog was Delicious in Dungeon volume 1. Unfortunately, it got taken down because of DMCA. Actually, a lot of my manga reviews in this blog got DMCA's a couple of years ago smh.

Doing one youtube short everyday

I wanted to gather a way to get more views and more subscriber on youtube. So I took one of Jason Thor's advice and make one youtube short every single day for the entire month. I noticed a significant jump in views and subscribers. The short is mostly a simple one, like twitch clips, or beat saber gameplay. Playing beat saber is such a good youtube shorts content generator in general. Hopefully I can gather enough to get youtube membership this year.

Preparing for my brother's wedding

For the past couple of months, my family has been planning for my brother's wedding. We took a roadtrip to visit the bride's family and get to know the in-laws. It was my first time meeting her, as when my brother started dating, I already moved out. One particular thing I remember from our first meeting is that she mentioned how she watched one of my youtube videos.

"Which one?" I asked.

I can't believe I rode 250 km on my scooter for this shit. Still, she seems like a pleasant fellow.

Ake no Tobari is close to 300 Chapters!!!

Yo, what a milestone! Three hundred chapteroos!! It's been eight years since I started working on this series. And we're getting closer and closer to the end. I already downloaded all of the remaining raws. Which is fortunate because Comico decided to paywall the majority of the chapters starting this month. When this series is done, I'm cutting all ties with that app/website.

To celebrate the 300 chapters I want to do something special. Starting with making commemorative T-shirts of Tobari and Reimei. I already commissioned an artist to come up with the design and I'm looking for a maker so you guys can order it internationally. I would also like to do a commemmorative stream where I invited a bunch of friends and we would do an online table read of the comic. Right now, I'm looking for participants. So look forward to that.

Onto the chapters

As per usual, let me know if you find any error or mistake in the chapter. Okay, I'll be working on Ake no Tobari chapter 300.

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