Kaiouki Vol. 8 Ch. 24

It's been awhile since the last time I translated Kaiouki, or any Masatoshi Kawahara manga. I'm feeling that I'm drifting away from my goal by keep adding manga to translate. Then I realized, I already lost it the moment I take Tekken Chinmi Legends, War on Geminar, Samurai Sensei, and finally Ake no Tobari. So I'll just roll with it.

Random stuff: Last week, I tried to draw a small 4 panel comic. It was actually meant to be a Valentine sketch about how lonesome I am but it ended up as a patreon campaign. The responses were kinda hilarious. One of my acquaintance might thought I was dying. So I'm thinking of keep making sketches like this. But then again, It depends on my mood.

I don't know any sailing term, so I just followed the localized version (is tucking a real term?). Speaking of localized version, in the original version, the dialogue were shorter. But in the localized version, they add few details to avoid confusion because Japanese lacks pronoun.

So here's chapter 24. Next chapter will probably coming in three weeks.

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