Ake no Tobari Ch. 4

I forgot to mention this last week, but Comico announced that Ake no Tobari and 19 other selected titles will be available in Thai. It's great that Comico is reaching outside of Japan because there're lots of series that I like there (like the brand new series, Beast Tamer). And maybe any Thai translator will be kind enough to translate those into English. I really want to see Mummy in My Home get translated in English. Speaking of those selected titles, Momokuri anime is available now on Comico app. There are currently 4 episodes available for free with new episodes be available each week. You can also get the season pass if you don't want to wait and watch all of the episodes right now.

Random stuff: I just realized just how translating has changed me for the past few months. Most manga I read and my twitter feed are in Japanese. This scared me because I don't want someone to call me I'm good at it while in reality I'm just as incompetent as an average dweeb.

Also over the past few months, I've been posting manga links on my facebook,  mostly from Japanese manga sites. I tried not to spoil the chapter (although, I think no one reads them anyway). So it got me thinking: should I make my own facebook page. I've been thinking about it since translating Fudekage but I was confused on how to get started. Should I make it my own personal page (like Nanaten's fanpage) or my blog's (Citrus Project fanpage)? I mean It's pretty obvious that Citrus Project IS me, but I feel that something's missing for I go either way. So I'll keep withholding the facebook page idea for now.

About Tobari's speech style: I tried for a charismatic approach. I keep adding "Shall we?" at the end of his line because of that. It's nice because it matches with "しよう (Shiyo)" in the Japanese raws. Also I kinda dropped an F-bomb in Reimei's line. It might feel weird since he's a priest but then again, he did curse back in chapter 1.

So here's the second part of Yokai Leader arc. Next week is the climax and I have an announcement to make.

Chapter 4