T-Sensei Vol. 7 Ch. 39

 Nanaten here, wishing everyone a happy Muslim holiday. I am just spending my vacation just lazying around at my parents mountain cabin (I dont even know that cabin is the correct word it).

About this chapter: As usual, huge shoutout to EVA and MAYU from MAVI MANGA for cleaning and typesetting this chapter. This is hands down my favorite chapter in the entire series. I really like T-sensei advice in this chapter. I have been applying T-sensei advices in real life when I deal with younger members of my family, especially my cousins offspring. And I think they are good advises. 

Anyway, heres the chapter. I have not checked this chapter for any error and mistake so if you find one, let me know in the comments below and I will try to fix it before I upload it on Mangadex once I get back. Next update will be Kaiouki.

T-Sensei Volume 7 Chapter 39:
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