Ake no Tobari Ch. 206-207


Nanaten here. Sorry I was late. I was off grid whilst working at my parents cornfield. I am also writing this post on my old laptop, so I cant say much (also my keyboard is busted, so I cannot use apostrophe, please bear with it). Anyway, lets speed things along.

I am aware that Mangadex is now on early access and scanlation groups are starting to upload their stuff there. I will try to upload my stuff on MangaDex once I get back from my parents. That being said, I did encounter a couple of issues, namely my account not being connected to the Citrus Project group on MangaDex, so as of the moment, I still cant upload any chapter. I havent contacted the admins about this (Ill do it once I get back). There might be actually an upload button, I just havent found it yet.

About these chapters: these are the last couple Ake no Tobari chapters I have on my typesetted stash. I already translated the next batch, but I couldnt find the time to typeset them before I went to my parents, so those chapters will have to wait. I noticed my slow my Ake no Tobari release as of late because of my streaming habits. And now that Ake no Tobari is closing to 300 chapters in Japan, I feel like the need to pick up some slacks.

Other news: my birthday is coming up next week. I dont know if I should be excited or dreadful. I was planning on doing a stream, but ill still be at my parents by then. I did received an early birthday gift from my sister: a shirt. We had this running gag where I would press her into buying me an iphone x so I can use it for Vtubing purpose.

Anyway I dont know how segue that into closing remarks. As usual, let me know if you find any errors, or typos. I dont have the download link because I forgot to upload the chapters on dropbox. Next week? Or should I say this week? Anyway, next update will be T-sensei.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 206:
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