Ake no Tobari Ch. 149 & T-Sensei Vol. 5 Ch. 26

Nanaten here. Despite never playing the game, I somehow had a nostalgia fever for it, so I decided to play Tales of the Abyss for the first time. I'm just at the 3rd save point and "Meaning of Birth" is looping inside my head.

So my sister is home for the holiday. She's currently crying due to our sorry state of living, she wanted to go to our parents' soon. How I've missed her.

This week's video: Sakanaction songs still hasn't leave my head, so here's another cover.

I planned to do a Music Video for this but I didn't have the time to do it, so instead I upgraded most of my adobe softwares that week and learn how to work on the new updates (I assumed).

Random stuff: in ComicHistorian's video about Tom King's run of Batman is canceled, I heard about Black Label's controversy involving Batman's nude scene. So I tried to google it to see what it was about, and long story short, now "Batman's penis" is on my search history. I immediately turn on my adblock because I am afraid of what kind of ads facebook and twitter would show me. I don't know what this stuff has anything to do with this week's release, but it's funny enough I wanted to share it.

This month I've been getting contacts from scanlation teams about how they would like to use my translation projects and translate them to their language of their choosing. And the one thing I noticed is that they're mostly in Vietnamese (the translation projects, I mean).

My first reaction of getting their message is that I was flattered. First time I got into this translation game was when I wanted to translate GoingSoloOnce's scanlation of Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi to Indonesian. And then I took over the translation project at one point before finally passing the torch to Rozen from Midnight Cinderella scan team. And now people wanted to do scanlation projects based on my translation. I guess I have gone full circle (sort of)?

On the other hand, I somewhat anxious about it. I don't know if I have ever mentioned this, but as you probably know, my translation is not 100% accurate and has countless amount of grammatical and spelling errors. I did not even bother to fix them despite many promises that I would do it. I also took some liberty in making the script, not as a way of having fun, but as a way to dodge my incapability to properly translate the line in the first place. Whether it's to a good effect or not, is subjective, but sometimes when I look back to it, I can only watch and try to hide myself in embarrassment.

Here's me wishing those scanalation teams success in their translation projects. May the series gain more fans and recognition.

About these chapters: obligatory shout-outs to Eva (and Mayu) from Mavi Manga for the always amazing cleaning and typesetting. This Ake no Tobari chapter is a wrap up party of "Within My Arms" arc and suffice to say, it's a worthy celebration. The fight with Kokonoe last for too long compared to other fights so far, and while it tried to spend the arc redeeming Kokonoe's character as Tobari's mother, it didn't quite do the landing well for me when I first read it a couple of years ago. As for T-Sensei chapter, I am now starting to have the feeling that I didn't translate T-Sensei's retorts well enough. I tried my best to convey the punchline, I somehow got that feeling. What do you think?

So here are the first T&T update this June. I'll be taking a one and a half week vacation to visit my parents for the holiday. I'll see you in two weeks.

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