Ake no Tobari Ch. 128

Nanaten here! Funny thing happened yesterday. Piyo Chendra, a well known cosplayer, recognized my Reimei cosplay. She said that she reads my translation of Ake no Tobari. She didn't believe that I translated the English version. So here's a shout out to her! Thanks for reading my translation.

As for my progress with FGO cosplay, I just borrowed my friend's long wig. It only took a few hours to straighten it. So it is progressing smoothly. Too smoothly. Also I just turned in my lines for my performance next week. However, I just found out that on that same day, I will be entering cosplay competition as Reimei. So doing two different characters on the same day? SOunds like a challenge to me.

Which brings us to my next topic. I have been opening my patreon page for almost three years now. Yet there is still no further benefits for green tier up. So I'm thinking of doing a patron exclusive cosplay FS. However I am not sure whether I should proceed with it or not for several reasons. Check it here for more details.

The used manga sell ended this week. To recap, I basically blowout my entire savings on this sale.

Now I have no reason for not finishing Shura no Toki other than being lazy. I am currently translating it at a very slow pace.

About this chapter: once again, shout out to Eva from Mavi Manga for the incredible cleaning and typesetting (I swear I found a good word last week, but I forgot it as I am typing this). So here's a secret behind Reimei's power and his connection to Tobari. We now have more information about Reimei's past. Also we get a flashback of suicidal Reimei before he met his teacher. Can we get a fanart of little Reimei and Tobari?
(Edit: found it. Thanks to @robubead)

One disturbing fact we learn in this chapter: remember those people at the rocks? So in order to receive a dragon's blessing, a person must die first and then revived by a dragon. The thing they drink at the beginning of the chapter? Pretty sure that's poison. Now recall that Reimei's dad went there to learn barrier arts and died. Put two and two together, now you understand why Reimei's teacher was grieving for Reimei when he learned about his blessing.

Anyway here's Reimei and the dragon chapter. Next week: Hulk Reimei.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 128:
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