Ake no Tobari Ch. 109 & Illbeck no Seirei Jutsushi Vol. 1 Ch. 7

Nanaten here. Sorry I was late. I am currently attending my cousin's wedding reception at the outskirt of my hometown. The reception is on Sunday so I didn't have the chance to do upload chapter for next week. I didn't get to typeset any chapters before I headed there and the laptop I brought have no data in it. I even had to sneak back to my home just to make this post.

It's really weird (and exhausting) to have two separate wedding reception when the ceremony actually held two weeks prior.

So here are this week's double updates. Next update will be on February 17th (10th for patrons).

Ake no Tobari Chapter 109:
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Illbeck no Seirei Jutsushi Volume 1 Chapter 7
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