Ake no Tobari Ch. 110 & Tekken Chinmi Legends Vol. 14 Ch. 65

Nanaten here wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! I finally got back to the city last Tuesday and my class also started last Wednesday. "It took a week to get over my vacation mode, but I have now resumed to my daily activities" is what I am supposed to say if it wasn't for the rain downpours over the past two weeks that sucks the motivations out of me to do anything (I know, more excuses).

Random stuff: I finally upgraded my phone to less older model. So expect more random stuff. I also use it to get Ake no Tobari raws from the app since I cannot do that anymore in the web version. Comico put a code that disables download via browser. But the good news is, once you open a chapter with a ticket via the app, you can access it on the computer. So it made sorting the pages a lot easier (at least compared to my old phone).

Besides getting manga raws, I recently got into playing mobile games. I am currently playing New Seal Online. It keeps draining my battery and now I'm worried if it will damage my phone due to overheating. If you happen to be in the game, come and say hi.

Unrelated stuff: I made a cover of Perfume's Chocolate Disco for Valentine's Day. Check it out here.

About these chapters: I didn't managed to typeset these chapters before I left last month, so it got pushed back to today. I only managed to finish them just minutes before I uploaded it to Patreon, as I always do. On Ake no Tobari's side, the next few chapters is going to be a pain to clean, while it is one of my favorite fights. On Chinmi's side, now that I have finished Illbeck's first volume, I think it is time to switch to other series. But I still haven't decided which series I should go with for next week. Do you have any request? Let me know in the comments, although I probably would already decide on that by the time you read this post.

Speaking of which, I still haven't uploaded previous chapters on Mangadex yet. I apologize for that.

So here are this week's updates. I'll see you next week.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 110:

Tekken Chinmi Legends Volume 14 Chapter 65:

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