Ake no Tobari Ch. 82.5

Nanaten here. This week I had to do presentations for every classes I have so I didn't have the time to do any chapters. Sorry, but the real chapter will have to wait till next week.

Anyway, I'm opening a limited scanlation commission for any series that I'm working on to give other series a chance for update. Check it here for details.

About this chapter: this is a bonus chapter made after Momo Chidori has fully recovered. There's a preface made by the author before the actual chapter, but I decided to cut it. Basically what the author wanted to say is that he has fully recovered was ready to updated regularly but the editor told him to take more rest. So instead, he published a short bonus chapter about summer.

So here's summer bonus chapter. Next week we'll be back to main story.

Chapter 82.5

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