Series I wish someone translates

Nanaten's Random Friday

It's been a while since the last time I did a Random Friday. And I think the best thing to do it is to show you some of the series that I read and I wish to translate but don't have the skill to do so. You can read most of the series in Japanese at their respective websites which I will include.

Miira no Kaikata/How to Keep a Mummy (Kakeru Utsugi)

I'm talking about the webmanga version. The premise is that a high school student, Sora Kahiwagi, was sent a package from Egypt by his father. Inside, there's a cute little mummy. It's a very cute slice-of-life story with tons of fun characters, both humans and non-humans. There are also some dark chapters focusing on supernatural collectors. First two chapters are already translated and the first tankobon version is available at Crunchyroll.

Bijutsushitsu no Kaibutsu/Monster in the Art Room (Kei Akazawa)

Shiro Fushimi heard a rumor that a ghost appeared in his school art room. When he entered, he encountered a woman, Touko. He immediately fall in love with her. Together, they try to discover the nature of Touko and the nature of relationships. It gives me a fuzzy feeling every time I read it. The main focus is the relationship between each character and how they interact: Fushimi is in love with Touko; childhood friend, Komai, is in love with Fushimi; Komai's friend, Misono, is in what appears to be a toxic relationship; while Touko just wanted someone to talk to.

Beast Tamer (Akira Mitsuya)

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where most of them is turned to stone. The series tells about a young boy named Rudy who claimed himself as a Beast Tamer, someone who can control magical monster which was the cause of the disaster that turned the world into stone. He has a magical monster partner, Kousuke. It's an action series with Kousuke as the main charm. The way Kousuke interacts with other characters he met is cute and funny. 

Hakase to Slime-chan/Professor and Little Slime (Nayuta Izaki)

A monster professor conducted an experiment. The result is a cute and lovely slime, Lime. The series mostly focuses on Lime's growth as she gain intelligence, interact with other monsters, and later, adapted a human form. While the professor dotes on Lime, he still maintained a professional behavior observing her growth. There are also many other characters, such as a male mermaid, a maid cat (yup, imagine how those two interact), a dryad and treant, and professor's mentor and colleague who also did experiments on slimes.

Akuma no Memmem-chan/Little Devil Memmem (Keitaro Yotsuya)

This manga is the most recent on this list. It tells about a completely shy devil, Memmem, who tries to fulfil the desire of a young boy. As you can see, it's a very cute comedy series.

Orc ga Jokishi wo Ikusei Shita Mita/An Orc Tries to Nurture a Female Knight (Kuma)

A short and fat female knight was captured by orcs. Couldn't bear the shame, she begged them to kill her. A young orc is touched by her conviction, thus he decided to train her.

Denryu Shonen/Electronic Boy (Muro Niwaneko)

This one is my favorite from Manga One. It tells a story of anthropomorphized electronic appliances. The titular Electronic Boy is a camera. He likes to go outside and take pictures of cats. There are many fun and quirky big brothers in his household: mature TV; weak yet cool PC; twin Air Conditioner (representing indoor part and outdoor part); mother figure Rice Cooker; explosive Microwave, and many more. I keep imagining Muco from Itoshi no Muco series when camera speaks, as they have the same cheerful and outgoing personality (minus Muco's jealous part).

Sodatechi Maou!/The Devil is not so Black as He is Painted. (Kousuke Ijima)

A cute story about a demon lord taking care of an adorable human child. It is full of hijinks mostly from demon lord and his subordinates trying to keep the child, Maris, happy in demon castle.

I really wish someone would translate any of these series as they are cute and appeal many people.