Ake no Tobari Ch. 19

Nanaten here. My departure got delayed until Wednesday, so yeah.

I just realized that I've finished more songs in the past three months than I ever did last year. There's Chisana Boukensha (Konosuba ED), White Light (Tales of Zestiria OP), Saraba (Atashinchi ED), and Burning Rangers theme song (though I only recorded one so far). And I was working on God Knows and Lost My Music from Haruhi Suzumiya series on a road trip yesterday.

When I visited Gangan Online's site, I saw a new series, Suki x Suki. It was based on a one-shot about an invisible girl and the only guy who can see her. The twist is that the girl doesn't realize that the guy can see her. Back when  I actually voted for this series back when it was a one-shot, along with one other one-shot. To see it actually get serialized makes me happy. It feels like my vote actually counts. Is this what presidential election feels like?

A lot of people (including myself) complained about Meyui's four eyes. But he is the most chill dude in this series. It's like his eyes can see everything. And in the next few chapter, we get to see his character.

Speaking of this series, we're running out of art from the author. So, now I'm accepting fanarts. just send it via twitter to the author's twitter page @mo2chidori with hashtag #akenotobari.

So here's Yokai subordinate chapter. Next chapter, we'll see the fruits of Tobari and Reimei's effort.

Don't forget to comment if you find mistakes. Thank you.