Ake no Tobari Ch. 18

Hi, Nanaten here. I'll leave the mountains and back to the city life in a week. The thought of not finishing the report on time terrifies me.

Lately I've been researching on how to buy song license so I can make a cover. And since I don't have a credit card, every options are expensive to me (you cheapskate!). I want to make Bahasa Indonesia cover of "White Light" by superfly (Tales of Zestiria OP). The lyrics are done and all I need is the instrumental version. As you can guess, I don't have any money to hire an editor, much less a composer.

Complain about my finance aside, I still going to try record it once I get back to the city. And I'll probably going to re-record most of my covers. I forgot to mention this last month, but I already done recording Bahasa Indonesia version of Chiisana Boukensha. It's on my soundcloud, in case if you want to hear my voice on a sh*tty headphone.

Enjoy this Tsumugi x Reimei chapter. I keep laughing every time I see this picture after reading it. You'll understand why. Next chapter might come a little late. Sorry in advance.