Monthly Shonen Magazine February Issue

It's that time of the month again. Mutsu Shizuru on the front page (the ebook version has the Gotou family from Kakushigoto).
Lineup (01/06/2016)

  • Kuro Ageha (Atsushi Kase)
Color page.
  • Pumpkin Scissors (Iwanaga Ryotaro)
Colonel is back on the field. (Is it just me or is Pumpkin Scissors kinda fell repetitive by now?)
  • Shura no Toki: Showa Arc (Masatoshi Kawahara)
Final chapter (WHAAAAT?!!!). Volume 16 will be released on January 15th. Also, next issue will have another interview with Masatoshi-sensei.

  • RiN (Sakuishi Harold)
  • Convenience Store Lady (Asumu Matsumoto)
Our lady now has craving for dango.

  • Kakushigoto (Kouji Kumeda)
5 short chapters about Kakushi's day after saving a cat with his cushion.
  • Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku (Nishio Ishin & Yo Asami)
Color page. Continuing from last chapter, Kyoko and Yakusuke decided to investigate the files. (Does this chapter got adaptated in the dorama? I haven't seen it yet.)
  • C. M. B. (Motohiro Kato)
A boy got a distress signal coming from his walkie talkie and it's up to our detective duo to find where it came from.
  • Bocchi Album (Satoshi Yamaguchi & Takeshi Hirai)
One chapter about athletic festival and one about the yearbook.
  • Tekken Chinmi Legends (Takeshi Maekawa)
Nothing noteworthy happened except for the emperor guards finally get to the scene. Here's a shirtless Chinmi.
  • Chikuwa Machi no Susume (Naoki Hirano)
  • Ballroom e Youkoso
Just when you thought you get another dancing goodness, the chapter got delayed. Here's an apology letter from the magazine. No other detail about when it will resume.
  • Milk for Bandits (Yuki Kanome)
New series about two girls trying to come up with a comedy routine.
  • Summer Salt Turn (Hajime Inoryu & Renji Hoshi)
Over here, we have "Notice me, senpai!" chapter between Ebina and Mizuno.
  • Kin no Kanojo Gin no Kanojo (Maruboro Akai)
Silver got kidnapped by a dolphin-riding pirate prince. (Yes, that's a penis gourd)

    • I Love You, So I Kill You (Majuro Kaname & Sousou Sakakibara)
    Another series from Magazine R. No specific theme this time, just the first chapter. You can read it online here (Japanese).
    • Sora no Platanus (Taro Nami & Sanbanchi Kawa)
    • Banjo no Polaris (Minori Kiguchi & Takahiro Wakamatsu)
    After the match with Aoi, Ippei decided to take another step of improving his game.
    • Ryuroden (Yoshito Yamahara)
    • Shin Kamen Rider Spirits (Ishinomori Shotaro & Kenichi Muraeda)
    • Houkago no Kiseki (Aoshi Takato)

    Next issue will be released on February 5th featuring new serialisation "Haru yo Kuruna" (Don't Come, Springtime) by Bin Kusamizu & Mayo Hamasaki and "Dear Boys Overtime".