Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar Vol. 1 Ch. 3

Psyched! You actually thought I was gonna post Fudekage, didn't you? I told you I will post the entire volume altogether. Well, that was my fault. I wrote on the side bar that I'll post it tonight. I got impatient. Hopefully, it won't happen again.

I already done translating this chapter like two weeks ago and gave it to Angry Fox Scans, but I still haven't heard from them, so I'll just do the typesetting myself.

It's been a very depressing week for me. New semester just begun and I already caught a cold, my throat is still sore, and every anime I watch were featuring a depressing theme preparing for their finale. At least my parents came to visit (thanks for the care package, Mom!).

Random stuff: my toilet got clogged.

Anyway, I just realized this, but when I put the quality of the image up to 100% in post editing, it seems the image size were increased two times the original size. Also, as you've noticed from previous post, I'm starting to feature fan art from pixiv.

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