Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar Vol. 1 Ch. 2

Happy Indonesian Declaration of Independence Day, everyone!

My PC broke again, but thankfully, I already uploaded it on Picasa, so I can post it anytime.

To celebrate the (Declaration of) Independence Day and Comiket 88 (Seikishi-ban and Tenchi Muyo If IIIb), I decided to do Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar.

Okay, first of all, I only do this because I was bored for only doing Fudekage and Shura no Toki. I forgot to contact Angry Fox Scans because I thought they already dropped this. I already contacted them a few hours ago and still waiting for their confirmation. This is just a one time thing. Since the chapters are very short, I'll do it if I got bored or maybe I'll just give my translations to Angry Fox Scans and let them handle the rest.

Second, like what I did to Shura no Toki volume 1, I only copy and paste the subtitle from the anime and fill up the gaps. Same thing will happen next chapter if I got the permission from Angry Fox, but I won't do that the chapter after.

Random stuff: I'm thinking of translating the Light Novel if this goes well. LN/WN translation is totally in right now. But new semester is about to start, so I might be working on a slower pace. Other stuff: Thank you for actually reading my review on Masquerade. I can't believe you'd actually read it (well, 25 of you at least). I really put a lot of work to it (sure you do...). I'm thinking of making review every Friday. So leave a suggestion on which series should I review next. This week, I'm thinking of reviewing Dungeon Meshi.

So vote for this series if you like it and if I got the permission, I might do it (like I said, if I'm bored). I saw your votes and surprisingly, Shura no Mon is on top by a landslide. I never thought everyone wanted to read that more than Kaiouki. Speaking of Shura no Mon, does anyone have the magazine scans of Dai ni Mon's last three chapters? It's on May-July's issue. I asked Fast Moon about it, and he still hasn't replied. I really want to know what happened between Tsukumo and Akira. And don't tell me to get it online! The online magazine scans does not have the last three chapters. Kodansha cut them off from the online version. Thanks to that, I started to hate Rin even though I haven't read it yet.

So enjoy!