Shura no Toki Vol. 1 Ch. 1

Sorry, I ran out of money for renting manga (and go outside, and buying internet SIM cards), so no Kiichi Mutsu this week.

Anyway, since the beginning of this manga translation project, people have been asking me why I skipped the first three volumes (and later volume 5-6). The reason for that is because those volumes are already animated (maybe I should post a Shura no Toki guide next month). Two days ago, I checked whether there's a difference between the anime version and manga version. The results: nothing significant (so far). They said the exact same line, down to their speech style and dialect. Though there are some scene and several monologue that wasn't on the anime, but that's just small details that doesn't change the story.

So I decided to give it a try. I copy paste (well actually I type it manually, but you get the point) the anime subtitle into this chapter, translate the lines that wasn't on the anime, and voila! First chapter of Yakumo's Arc.

I changed the fonts from Anime Ace to Segoe Print because I got sick of it. It felt much neater now.

And about that Citrus Project logo design contest.... It's okay not to take it seriously. I was only half serious when I made that. But I do need help to come out with a design. The point of Citrus Project is to make something fun along with other people because let's face it, I lack human interactions. It doesn't matter what the results are as long as everyone (and by everyone, I mean me) enjoyed it. That's the message I'm trying to convey.

So at least I'll try to finish this volume by the end of next week. I already uploaded the secret manga project. I'll reveal it next week.

As for the poll, thanks for your support on seeing me translating more series. It really makes me happy to see that many of you wanted me to do this even more. One particular series stand out in the poll so much, I think something is wrong with it. Anyway remember: "Shut up, Nanaten! You suck!!" is still an option.

I'll go back translating Kiichi's arc once I have the money to rent it. I'm pretty much broke right now. You can help by clicking that donation button (Wait, does that mean I'm doing this for a living now?). I need at least $20 a month to get a stable internet connection.