Maria's Curse (One-shot manga by the Author of Ake no Tobari)

Nanaten here! I've been so busy preparing for the #NanatenTurnsAnotherYear birthday concert, I actually forgot to do any script this month. However, I found a manga that actually wants to make me translate it and typeset it on the same day. Mostly because of the strict deadline nature of how I want to support this series.

So this is Maria Ju (Maria's Curse, the Ju for curse as in "Jujutsu Kaisen"), a brand new one-shot by Momochi Dori-sensei, a.k.a. the author of Ake no Tobari. They are finally back with a brand new story after the completion of Tobari (and tons of recuperations). The story is about this highschool couple who has to fight a demon who broke out of its seal.

My first impression is a bit rough. It is an odd feeling having to transition of reading Momochi Dori's work from webtoon format to regular manga format. Well, the lack of color, for one. But the story is more slow paced compared to Tobari despite having more panel count in comparison. But it's a welcome change nontheless.

I also like how this manga is has more focused on romance. I mean, the bromance in Ake no Tobari is one of the main selling point, ngl, but the series never went on that angle (not yet as of my point in the translation anyway). I like the fact that the main male lead, Kiyotsugu, is essentially a himbo. And the contrast between the lead just gives a unique charm, as cliché as it might be. Also, the fact that the leads are already an established couple is kind of a breath of fresh air.

You can watch the VOD of the typesetting process here:

Anyway, if you guys want to see this manga gets serialized, please be sure to leave a comment on the Ganma! app page of the manga. I leave the tutorial on how to register an account on the stream. Or you can retweet this. Help this manga get serialized!!!

Another announcements: I made a discord server! I had a lot of discussion on how to increase my engagement with my audience, and considering that I've been falling off this couple of months, I decided to go hail mary and create my own discord server. There, you can join and chat, and discuss your favorite manga together, and maybe join a VC session or two! Just click the link here or use the qr code to join the server now!

So here is the chapter. As usual, let me know if you find any mistake or error in the comments below (or actually just hit me up on discord).

Maria's Curse: Read Online | Download

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