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 Nanaten here. Sorry that I haven't been around here for so long. I got caught up in real life stuff every weekend that I completely forgot to update a post here even though I still post stuff on my patreon that redirects to this blog. So I'm just gonna write stuff that I've already written on my patreon post anyway in chronological order.

I released a "The First Take" cover

or more like "The First Take" style cover video:

I'd been working on this cover for years and It's now released. Special shout-out to @Notaseaturtle for helping me with the mixing and arrangement. The cover turned out absolutely amazing and I'm really quite proud of the end result. For more explanation on the behind-the-scene stuff, just go to my patreon.

I went to a cosplay event for the first time since the pandemic

At the beginning of March, I went along with my parents to visit my brother at the city. During the weekend, I got to go to a cosplay event. first time I've ever been ever since the pandemic. I haven't seen my cosplayer friends in so long. I saw some new faces in the local cosplaying scene and all their costumes were amazing. I was invited to enter the event's J-Song cover competition as my Vtuber persona and it was an experience. While I enjoyed my time at the event, going there alone and not cosplaying did take out half of the excitement. I plan on going to another cosplay event at the city with my brother and cousins in a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll enjoy my time more then.

I got measles

Right after that trip to the city, my father contracted measles, which, a week later, passed on to me. I had the fever, headaches, and blisters all over my body. I was pretty much out of commission for one and a half week. I was mostly recovered at the final Monday of the month, but on the way home from work, I got caught in the passing rain and ended up with a cold which left me out of commission again for the rest of that week.

I went to teacher training program (+Ramadhan)

As soon as I recovered from my cold, I registered for a training program for University lecturer. The program took a couple of weeks which took my entire concentration to attend. But all in all, it was worth it. I gained so many insights on how to better plan my lessons. But still, writing up the report for some of the program assignments were nightmare, especially during Ramadhan cause I was too famished from feasting to actually do anything.

Toranosuke's Birthday

April 10th is the birthday of Toranosuke from Umakawa manga. So to celebrate that, I decided to translate some of the manga Miku Morinaga sensei drew on her twitter page. I did tease about it a couple of years ago when I just finished translating Umakawa. And seeing everyone's reception of the chapters on mangadex makes me glad that this manga is still haven't been forgotten. It's quite touching, really.

Eid Mubarak (+Rocket League)

Which leads us to the end of Ramadhan, a.k.a. Eid'l Fitri, a.k.a. that time of the year my mom cooked too much staple food and our household must suffer the consequences. Earlier this month, my mom bought a refrigerator because our previous one was too small for her to store food. But she's too much of a miser to give up the other fridge, so now the house has two running refrigerators. Boy, can't wait till the electric bill comes out.

Anyway, my siblings came to visit, and we did a lot of catching up. My cousins also came by and with them are their children, which means it's my job to keep them entertained. So I just put them all in my room and had them play video games, mostly Rocket League. Most of those kids have never heard of Rocket League before as their young mind are more accustomed to either Minecraft (on android, to boot), Mobile Legends, or casual mobile games. Young kids these days, amirite?

So I've been spending my time playing Rocket League on casual plays. I tried competitive, but I got owned every match. One of my friends, Rukku, wanted me to play as he's the most experienced Rocket League player in our circle of Vtuber friends. But considering our region differences, and my potato pc, I think it'll be a while before we can do a rocket league collab stream together.

So there, now that you've all caught up with the most of the happenings in the past two months, it's time for me to dump you all these chapters. As usual, let me know what you think of the chapters or if you find any mistake or errors down in the comment section below. Next week we'll be back with the regularly scheduled Tobari update.

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