Ashura Vol. 12 Ch. 46

Nanaten here just tried to cook a Japanese beef curry only to accidentally pour too much coconut cream, it turned into white curry. Now that I think about it, do Japanese beef curry requires coconut cream? Either way, food is secure for the next two days.

Tonight, I'll be doing an Isekai 3x3 stream where I sit down and chat about some of my favorite isekai series.

Random stuff: I took a psych evaluation this week, and it's a doozy. I had to wait for a day just to book an appointment, and there's this thing with the results. I talked about it on full detail at my Patreon page, so you can go there and read it and then come back here.

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So here's the chapter, I don't have anything else to say that I haven't said already regarding this arc. I'll be doing either Kaiouki or volume 13 of Shura after this volume. Next week's update will arrive a few days early to coincide with my birthday.

Mutsu and his merry fights 46:
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