Ashura Vol. 12 Chapter 43b

Nanaten here trying to catch up with this season's anime. My biggest surprise so far is Ya Boy Kongming. The opening just encapsulates the 80's-90's nightlife and I love it. And the guitar scene in episode 1 really gave me Carole & Tuesday vibe with its smooth animation. I highly recommend it.

Last week my twitter account got suspended for copyright violations. All of my posts that features Shura no Mon and Shura no Toki got DMCA'd, even the ones that remotely mentioned the series. It took me days to get my account back and delete the tweets. So anyway, to avoid getting this blog to have the same treatment, I shall refer to this series as "Tsukumo Mutsu and His Merry Fights" from now on.

This week's video: I did a Pokemon Smash or Pass with my friend Amewa Takahashi. We only managed to get through Gen 1 and 2 pokemans due to time constrain.

I am planning on going through the entire pokedex. I actually did streamed my Gen 3 smash or pass last night. But I screwed up with my encoder settings and it practically scuffed the entire stream. Luckily, my friend ThePseudoIntellectual streamed the whole thing and was kind enough to give me his VOD, so I will upload that in the future.

Second video is this month's MMD video. I wanted to do something special, So I decided to record a cover of the song and put it on the video.

This video has been a long time coming. It all started last year when I had an argument with a fellow Youtaite about using MMD videos for a cover. He disagreed with me, so I decided to make this video to prove a point. I worked on this video just before I moved. I only managed to record the song last month.

It took me a couple of weeks to learn Reaper in order to mix the audio. Needless to say, I wasn't very good at it. I didn't have any decent plug-ins and had to rely on a bunch of ReaPlugs and pirated VSTs. I even had to consult with the Youtaite fellow who started the argument to begin with. Until finally I just gave up and just crank everything up in Adobe Audition. But at the end of the day, I had a great experience working on this video, and I hope I can make more.

About this chapter: really, I have nothing else to say because of that whole twitter thing. But one particular thing. So in the manga, it says Chapter 43, without the B part. It almost got me confused in the chapter numbering when making the script. So I'll just referring this chapter as 43b.

Anyway, here is the chapter. Next week will be a Corseltel update.

Tsukumo Mutsu and his merry fights chapter 43:
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