Kaiouki Vol. 12 Ch. 37


Nanaten here wishing everyone a Happy International Padoru Day! Speaking of which:

So I and 30 talented singers decided to merry around and sing a Padoru for the International Padoru Day (and yes, I am going to keep referring today as the International Padoru Day). Micro pitched the idea around November and I can't say no to that. It was a lot of fun recording this. See if you can spot me in the video.

Speaking of holiday tradition, I did a typesetting stream last night where I would typeset next week's Ake no Tobari Chapters while watching Home Alone. The stream got claimed by Disney and isn't available to watch, but I'm really proud of the thumbnail so I'm just gonna put it here:

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I asked people on twitter which game I should stream for the International Padoru Day. And people seem to enjoy my House of the Dead stream, so I'm going to play House of the Dead Overkill for the Wii. The stream starts tonight (25/12) at 9PM (GMT+8)

This chapter was supposed to be up last week. If you been following me on twitter or managed to take a look at my Patreon Lens, you probably already know what occupied me that week. For the whole story, we have to go back to November when my brother got a new 3D printer. After my brother got me into it, I had this idea of 3D printing my cosplay props. And one of my most recent cosplay project is Claude from Fire Emblem Three Houses.

My claude cosplay project actually started a couple of years ago, when the game was still popular (I think it was before the story DLC came out). I was so excited when my costume arrived, but then 2020 happened and I never get to wear my costume outside.

Fast forward to July 2021. After a couple of peer pressure, I decided to wear the costume to the first local cosplay event since covid started. Tried to do a cartwheel on stage, but failed. I didn't kick my leg high enough and landed on my butt. The photo was embarrassing to put it mildly.

Then my brother got a new 3D printer. My brother had been trying to get me into 3d printing and modeling. And then I had an idea to print the Failnaught from the game for my Claude cosplay, which in retrospective doesn't make sense considering that my costume was the academy pre-time skip version. It wouldn't make sense for this version of Claude to carry a Failnaught. But hey, I'd rather start big.

It took one and a half week to print this. Some of those days were spent waiting for the filament to arrive. I think about 1,5 kg of filament was used. The model was actually for a keychain from thingyverse that we blowout exponentially. The model was a low poly, so me and my brother had to put some EVA foam for detailing.

As for the quiver, I made it from foam and fake leather. It was fun to sew those parts together. For the arrows, the arrow head was made from foam, the shaft was aluminum pipe, and the tail was 3d printed.

Everything was going great actually until it was time for the cosplay event. You see, that same day, I had another plan to go and watch Spiderman: NWH at 6pm with my work buddies. And before viewing, we would go for some sukiyaki. The plan was to go to the cosplay event at 4pm and immediately go to sukiyaki. But unfortunately, the event started late at 4:50 and I went third last. Truth to be told, I almost walked out of the event, full costume and all.

I was so in a rush, I didn't even notice that my arrows were so heavy, the quiver actually toppled over. I mean I did notice, but I didn't realize how bad it toppled over until I saw the footage. And the rest is as you saw on the video.

So anyway, after I got off stage, I immediately packed my bags and go to another mall where the movie theatre at. I didn't even change out my costume. Add the traffic, by the time I arrived at the building, it was already 5:50. I completely missed out on the sukiyaki. But the movie was fun though.

While all that was happening, I also have been playing Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth, which is probably the main reason for the lack of update. I would boot up the game and have it on auto scroll while I was printing the Failnaught and sanding some of the parts. I just got finished the Nakoku part of the story at the time of writing this post.

So here is the chapter. Next update will be at New Year.

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