CnR-KM Vol. 3 Ch. 20

Nanaten here, just back from 4 hour stream. I'm starting to actually enjoy myself doing a bunch of livestreams throughout the week. But I still haven't forgotten about my translating duties, don't worry about it.

So I guess it's time for this week's VODs. The first one is a stream where I played One Hand Clapping, a game that you play by singing.
I especially had a great time with this one where I just get on the mic and make a bunch of random noises.

The VOD is the one that I just did before writing this post. It's an indie RPG Maker horror game called Ann. It was created by RongRong, an Indonesian animator who is famous for his "In a Nutshell" series. I was too scared to play this alone, so I had to call a friend and fellow Vtuber, Roach BC.

One of the main appeal of this game is that it has full animated cutscenes. Unfortunately, due to compatibility issues, I wasn't able to get them to play during the stream. Still, I highly recommend this if you are an RPG Maker horror fan.

And if watching over 3 hour VODs is not your thing, I got just the fix. Last week, I made new MMD music video. This time, it's a music video for Major Lazer's "Lean On". I knew I couldn't do this video alone, so I asked another Vtuber friend, Amewa Takahashi, to borrow his 3d model and import it to MMD.

About this chapter: We're halfway through volume 3, as the beginning of Summer approaches. This time, we have a story centered around Ma-ta. Ma-ta in my opinion is the least utilized character amongst the baby dragons. Aside from her crush on Kashi, we barely have any story centered around her. She gets paired with Ta-ta but even Ta-ta has a couple of stories of her own. So reading this chapter is an open welcome for me. Also the Bug Summer Spirit returns and he seems to be staying for a while. Although I'm not entirely comfortable with his crush on Ma-ta.

A little bit announcement: The fourth and latest Corseltel series, "Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Boukenki" came out this week with the digital version coming out upcoming Thursday. I am so excited for this new series ever since the announcement came out in April. From info I have gathered so far, there's going to be another timeskip and the dragons have grown to their early teenage form. The screenshots depict Sa-ta, Ta-ta, and A-ta outside of Corseltel looking for a new dragon mage. I can't wait to read the new series. I'll probably work on it alongside CnR-KM.

So here's the chapter. Next week will be Tobari update.

Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Monogatari Chapter 20:
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