Kaiouki Vol. 11 Ch. 32

 Nanaten here. I play PSO2 NGS at least 2 hours a day. While they finally got the server lag issue resolved by now, I'm still find the content lacking, so I'm just gonna get to at least level 20 in one class and wait for the next major update.

This week's video: well aside from the other PSO2 NGS stream I did early this week, I actually started to get tired of playing pso2, so I tried to play Megaman Battle Network 6 Randomizer with The Dab Patch on, which as someone who has never beaten any Megaman Battle Network game before, is a terrible mistake.

And oh, I sang "Welcome to the Internet" and "All Eyes on Me" from Bo Burnham's latest Netflix special "Inside" at the beginning and end of the stream (I put timestamps on the video). If you haven't seen Inside, I highly recommend it. It's a hilarious and touching special. I am currently playing the songs on loop and now I am at a state of catatonic melancholy. Maybe I should make a proper cover of the songs.

About this chapter: so I actually planned to do this Kaiouki volume as a don-at-hon stretch goal reward along with Tekken Chinmi Legends, but I don't actually have the Indonesian translation of Tekken Chinmi Legends volume 15 specifically in my library.

That's all I have to say today. I'll be streaming Minecraft SMP later and then shoot cosplay footages at a convention today. I'll see you then.

Kaiouki Volume 11 Chapter 32:
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