Ake no Tobari Ch. 196-198

Nanaten here. I just spent the entire week MTLed about 50 pages of academic paper. When my sister asked me to do it, she said it was going to be just two 17 pages paper... luckily I was able to push through. It's amazing how I could get the job done once I figured out a way to get around my mild ADHD.

I took an Adult ADHD self report scale a couple of weeks ago and turns out I have the symptoms of ADHD in adults. I asked my sister who majored in psychology about it, and she said not to trust those kind of online scale. But I found that admitting that I have ADHD helps me with my work-related issues. 

Oh, right, the MangaDex server down thing. Yeah, so last week, MangaDex server closed their server for maintenance until further notice due to frequent DDoS attacks. Because of that, I could not upload the final chapter of Umakawa there (not that I could've because I forgot to make the credit page and upload it to my dropbox, still). However, thanks to Reddit, a lot of people actually get to read the final chapter. And yes, I know that this site is really hard to navigate because I never update the index page. I wish there's a way I could automated the database for my uploads.... Anyway, I hope the MangaDex server will open again sometime soon. Preferably before April 10, when the umakawa stream supposed to be.

Speaking of streams, here's last week's VOD in case you missed out. I joined Adam's SMP server after I got back from visiting my parents. It's a collective storytelling server, similar to Dream SMP. But the thing is, almost none of the players are streamers, and most of the lore stuff is actually pre-recorded. So some of the behind-the-scene stuff (i.e. Adam giving everyone stage direction) got caught during my streams. I am not sure that I should stream that part (Adam said it's fine), so I'll just put it in the timestamp so you can just skip that part.

About this chapter: I did a Patreon stream last week right after the Minecraft stream where I typeset these chapters. You can go to my patreon to my patreon to watch the VOD. It's not on public because I don't want to get into trouble with copyright stuff, although I get content claimed anyway despite I used music that are allowed by the artists. I'll probably going to do more of this patreon streams where I typeset manga and stuff. So look forward to that.

Huh, this post just turning into just me plugging my stream. Anyway, back to Tobari. The White Day special chapter is finally released in Japan (well it's been out for two weeks, but it was behind a paywall, and you already notice how cheap I am). I just read it last night, and it was adorable. I'll do a read through during my stream in the morning (goddamit, I plug my stream again). Also, the Anime Japan's "Manga We Want to See Animeted" poll result is going to be announced in the morning. Unfortunately, I couldn't buy the ticket because it was too expensive in my book. Sure, it was one day pass, but I'm just interested on the poll result. Also, I'll be streaming during that time, so... yeah... Anyway, if anyone is attending the event, let me know the results. It's the first event at the main AJ stage, according to the schedule. I really hope Ake no Tobari gets a good ranking.

Wow, I barely talk about Ake no Tobari during this post. Oh well... I'll just save it for the stream. I'll see you there.

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