Ake no Tobari Ch.167 & 168 (Important Announcement)

Nanaten here. I wanted to make this announcement sooner but I caught a cold and was down for the entire week. There is no easy way to say this, so I'll start with a tweet from the official Comico twitter account:
Earlier this week, it was announced that Comico webtoon service has launched its English language version of their app with selected Comico titles having their official English release in North America and Singapore. Selected titles such as ReLife, How to Keep a Mummy, Koe Koi, Koiinu, and many others are getting their official English release for the first time. And among those titles, Ake no Tobari is one of them.

So it is sad for me to announce, but I decided to drop this series. It's been fun translating this series for the past 4-5 years. I experienced a lot by translating this series. I got to meet some if not the coolest people I will ever know, I made friends because of Ake no Tobari. Thanks to this series, I managed to go on my path to become a cosplayer and singer. Being able to cosplay as BOTH Reimei and Tobari are my proudest achievements I ever have. So thank you. thank you for your love and support for this series and please to keep supporting this series through Pocket Comics and other official Comico releases. And hey, they actually use "Tobari of the Dawn" as the official English title. So I'll take that as a win.

Now that I'm done with the sappy stuff regarding this announcement, it's time to flip to the other side of the coin to my rant about the new Pocket Comics app. While I'm happy that Comico webtoons are getting official English release, it's frustrating that it's only available on North America and Singapore. And because of that:
I can't read the English Ake no Tobari!!! Is the karma of delaying Ake no Tobari chapters finally getting back at me? Who knows, maybe. One curious thing is that the app is available on Singapore. SINGAPORE, who, if I remember correctly, OWNED the Indonesian Comico service before they shut it down last year! There better be a web version of Pocket Comics people can access, because if not, what's even the point? I still don't know the progress of the official English version of Ake no Tobari, so if anyone who owns the app, please let me know which chapter they're currently at.

While waiting for the web version of Pocket Comics, I'll probably be doing extra chapters of Ake no Tobari that the official version skipped. Back during Indonesian Comico run, some of the extra chapters weren't translated, so the same might applies for Pocket Comics. I'll probably be back working on this series on the off chance that Pocket Comics shuts down, but we all know that's not going to happen. So once again, please support Pocket Comics if you can. Thank you.

Now that the heavy announcement is out of the way, it's time for this week's videos to ease the pain. First one is a skribbl.io session I did with my friends.

The second video is a fandub of The World Ends With You The Animation Trailer by Captain Bonk. I helped co-wrote the script.

Hopefully seeing this video would lessen the sadness of this Ake no Tobari finale.

The usual shout-out to Eva (and Mayu) for helping me the past couple of years. When Mayu first contacted me, it was when Comico started their current ticket system. I was loss at what to do when I was running out of raws, then she came with their aid. Then we started exchange  a couple of mails and they besaically became part of my journey ever since. I really have no idea of what might have happened if it not for you guys. Thank you so much. I hope we have another opportunity to be working together again. We still have one final T-Sensei volume to go. I still haven't worked on the script for that by the way, along with other things that I should've finished like back in January (I said cowering in fear).

So these two chapters mark the end of Rou vs Shimon arc. We actually finished two more chapters after this. But I think these chapters serve better as my finale on Ake no Tobari. It's kind of like Lucifer TV show when it was canceled. We finished the story for the arc, with two bonus chapters on reserve. Maybe I'll release them at another time if you guys demand it. Let me know in the comments below. But for now, this is the finale. And like a finale of a canceled tv show, the story is left open.

So here you go, my final translation of Ake no Tobari. Thank you for your support. Next week will be a Corseltel update.

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