T-Sensei Vol. 6 Ch. 36

Nanaten here welcoming 2020 in a foul mood. So before the start of the New Year, I was working on Shura no Mon while my brother did a renovation on our storage, which means lots of power tools. One of the tools used must have required a lot of power because as I was working, the power tripped causing my drive to get corrupted. At first it was fine. A (very long) scan later, and I was able to finish the volumes before New Year's Eve. But a day later, I was scanning the drive again, and then a storm came in and the power tripped again mid-scan. The long boot afterwards was a sign that something has gone wrong.

Then a few days after new years, I was trying to back up the drive and all of a sudden I can't access the drive which my files are located. Not only that, my computer can't seem to detect said drive. So what I'm trying to say is, I can't seem to access ALL of my files on my drive. So all project files: manga raws, fonts, assets...? Gone. Currently I'm trying to find a way of somehow get the drive working again. But for the moment, I lost all my motivation to work. I said I want to start the New Year with a clean slate, but not like this....

That being said, I still have a few chapters in my cloud. As I've mentioned, I already finished Shura no Mon as part of last year's commissioned chapter, which will be available for public at the end of the month. I also finished the new Shura no Mon spin-off chapter last week, so look forward to that.

About this chapter: along with the drive, I lost all of my Ake no Tobari raws. So that means there won't be any new chapters anytime soon. I'll try to rip the raws again starting from chapter 161 again. Sigh.... Why am I talking about Ake no Tobari on T-Sensei updates? Originally, this chapter is supposed to be released along with Ake no Tobari chapter 161 but I didn't wasn't able to finish the script before new years and the drive thing happened. So it's a single update. Anyway, the usual thanks to Eva (and Mayu) from Mavi manga. Thankfully, the T-Sensei raws I used were public raws so I was able to procure those in no time. But the rest.... Sigh....

So here's T-Sensei chapter. Let me know if you find any mistakes and errors. Next week will be a Shura no Mon spin-off special.

T-Sensei Volume 6 Chapter 36:
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