Umarekawattemo, Watashi to Kekkonshite masu ka? Vol. 2 Ch. 11

Nanaten here, starting to not to enjoy my (not) excursion out of town. I'll be heading back to the city next week, with a lot of piled up work waiting for me. Ugh....

So this week's video... This Year's Youtube Rewind.... sigh, here we go again. I'm not going to leave the video here since I assume you've already seen it. I've seen a lot of people saying that this year's Youtube Rewind is playing it save, therefore it's boring. I couldn't agree with it more. But in their defense, Youtube has made lots of screw ups this year, and making another screw up with their Rewind video, again, will probably leads to a major disaster for the company. Not that anybody minds at this point.

I think they are just going back to the original roots of Youtube rewind. The original Rewind was just a Top Ten video of most watched videos of that year. And if I think about it, the videos I watch this year are mostly WatchMojo videos (but only in my recommendations feed, okay? I don't exclusively watch them). So I don't really mind with this kind of format. But that doesn't save it from being boring. Even Seth Everman's reaction to Youtube Rewind is a billion times more entertaining than that.

Now that the Youtube Rewind standard has been set so low this year, I can't wait for what kind of Rewind parodies people will come out with. I'm mildly excited to see what kind of Rewind video local Youtubers in my area will make. Spoilers: I definitely am not in it.

About this chapter: at the beginning of last chapter, we already know that Toranosuke's and Kaoru's baby will grow up fine. Still, that doesn't make this chapter less intense as it actually is. I never been to any baby delivery event. I always waited outside of the delivery room or even at someplace else entirely. Every time any cousin of mine posts a newborn baby pic, I was like "Wow, it's already out?" with a slight hint of apathy. But like I said, this chapter is intense and I hope my translation can deliver that. I spent a lot on Kaoru's scream bubbles more than I spent on translating T&T chapters this month. This makes me appreciate the guys and girls at Mavi Manga more. If only I could use that effort on T&T or any series, instead....

So here's the last chapter of Volume 2 (Yes, it ended in THAT cliffhanger). Let me know what you think in the comments or if you find any mistakes or errors. Next week will be Umakawa volume extras.

Umakawa Volume 2 Chapter 11:
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