Umarekawatte mo mata, Watashi to Kekkon shite kuremasu ka Vol. 1 Ch. 5

Nanaten here. I just received the news of a 6.9 magnitude earthquake has stroked western Java. I hope that the people ever there safe and to stay alert.

A quick news: my aunt's surgery went well. She has been discharged from the hospital at Tuesday (her insurance ran out). She is currently recovering in our house.

This week's video: A cosplay video shot by my friend, Rudi Rusadi.
So, in this particular video is special because I am in this video cosplaying as Tobari. We shot the scenes as an afterthought during the event because we actually were not in the mood to shoot any video during the event. I didn't bring a camera because I was already carrying the costume and I couldn't move the camera wearing it. So I go to his video instead. I also forced him to take these pictures (Seriously, the guy needs some love, please click the video and leave the comment saying that I sent you).

Special shout-out to Indri for making my costumes. She's the one who made most of my costumes, especially Reimei and Tobari. Also shout out to Putri for doing my really last minute makeup. There was many things that went wrong before the video is taken. Like the wig was so heavy, any slightest movement would cause it to fall off (you can actually see it on the video), how I almost forgot to put on the ears and fangs, I had to double back to the dressing room, and how I forgot to bring the denture adhesive, I had to run down to the drugstore to buy one. Honestly, I didn't know if all of that was worth it at all.

About these chapter: Another character is introduced: Subaru. He's another friend of the couple. I really like the relationship between the three of them. While he still cheer for the couple, Subaru likes to watch the world burn (that is until the world slapped him in the face, multiple times). And the couple would retaliate with the most savage response ever. Which begs the question: where was Subaru during the events of the first chapter? Perhaps hiding in the bushes or went to the city to pick up girls.

So here's the chapter. Next week will be a Tobari update (I forgot to translate T-Sensei).

Umakawa Volume 1 Chapter 5:Read Online | Download

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