Ake no Tobari Ch. 151 & T-Sensei Vol. 5 Ch. 58

Nanaten here! So turns out I got bored of SnT sooner than I thought. Combine that with other IRL stuff, I couldn't get any translation done the past couple of weeks. Luckily, Eva (and Mayu) pulled through and sent me the edited chapters of T&T. So here you go.

This week I have three videos I would like to share to you all. First is a cover of my favorite artist:
Chihiro Onitsuka has always been my go to Japanese artist for strong melancholic songs. Every time I feel depressed or melancholic, I would go to my playlist and listen to her songs. Whether I did a good cover or not, I will leave the judgement to you guys.

Second video is a chorus video by Hartless I participated a few months ago and just released this week:
After the success of the previous From Y to Y 41 People chorus, he decided to go bigger with his project. With 70 people participating, I was happy to be able to join this chorus.

Last video is a cosplay video I shot last week at a local event:
I was at an event tending a photo booth. I decided to make another cosplay video because it's been a while since the last time. I shot this using Xiaomi 4 action camera attached to a DJi stabilizer. I was cosplaying at the beginning of the video as Dice Arisugawa from Hypnosis Mic series. My brother shot all of my scenes. I only noticed later, but for 5 years I've been making cosplay videos, I've never actually shot a serious cosplay video of myself, so I was inexperienced at that department. My brother got frustrated over how I was unable to do motion and facial expression. During shooting process, I couldn't get a full grasp of my character very well so I ended up as stiff as a board. Let's just say I wasted 4GB worth of footage because of that. Nevertheless, It was a great experience.

Speaking of videos: I just received a takedown notice from Marvelous Inc. on my Shura no Toki video after I tried to appeal at youtube. I guess that means the Shura no Toki abridged is as good as terminally ill. I couldn't take a risk of getting my channel suspended. But I also want to make this project a reality. I just couldn't find myself the motivation to keep going and fight for it.

About these chapters: as per usual, shout out to Eva and Mayu for the always amazing cleaning and typesetting. This chapter of Tobari, we take a look of Tobari's and Reimei's introspective about Tobari becoming the new three great demons before shifting to Iwao, the main focus of this arc. I tried to give Rou a threatening voice by using a certain font, hopefully it could do the job. On T-Sensei, we have kids and their hijinks as usual. I tried various fonts to get T-Sensei's retorts as accurate as possible to various effects. Does anyone know good font for that kind of retort?

So here are the chapters. Next week will be either T&T or Umakawa update.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 151:
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T-Sensei Volume 5 Chapter 58:
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