Ake no Tobari Ch. 136 & T-Sensei Vol. 3 Ch. 18

Nanaten here. My internet connection issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience. This will be a brief post.

I am currently working on a video I decided to do on a whim. I might have leaked it exclusively on my patreon before deleting it. I also posted it on my facebook for screen testing. After some feedback I received, I am currently spending my week reworking on the video.

About this chapter: There's an issue with the page size for Ake no Tobari. The usual site I use to splice chapters has revamped itself. It won't allow for any images bigger than 10MB in size. That means I cannot cut Ake no Tobari chapter into evenly sized pages. When I put it on the editor, it still look fine, but when I use the preview, the various page sizes are kind of a bummer. Does anyone know the solution for that?

Because of last week's issue, I also didn't make a download link for the chapter. Sorry about that.

Shoutout to Eva (and Mayu) from Mavi manga for the amazing cleaning and Typeset. I still can't believe they still put up with me. I should dedicate something for them.

So here're this week's T&T. Next time: maybe I'll come up with a better ending catchphrase.

Ake no Tobari:
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T-Sensei Vol. 3 Ch. 18:
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