Ake no Tobari Ch. 132 & T-Sensei Vol. 3 Ch. 14

Nanaten here. I just realized that I uploaded this week's chapter of Ake no Tobari   instead of T-Sensei chapter on Mangadex last week. Talk about a huge blunder on my part. Teehee. Here's to not doing the same mistake again *cheers*.

This week's video: a cover of a song I've always wanted to do ever since I saw it on karaoke with friends
Yeah, I did a cover of 1998 live action adaptation of Great Teacher Onizuka theme song. This show  one of the two first JDrama  I ever saw (the other being the original live action adaptation of Itazura na Kiss). It left an impact on me as a kid. It actually influenced me to take education major. While the 2014 adaptation is entertaining and true to the source material, but for me, the 1998 version will always have a place in my heart. Sorry, EXILE guy, but you just can't beat Takashi Sorimachi's charisma.

Other random stuff: I think someone is trying to get into my accounts. Last week I found an email that asked me to confirm password reset. Of course, I immediately changed my password along with several other accounts. Then this morning, I found my google plus account suspended for unknown reason. I had to use private account just to get on blogger in write this post (thankfully, that matter is resolved). Not to mention this tuesday, my bike helmet was stolen (again). I think someone is out to get me.

About these chapters: so yeah, I accidentally uploaded this week's Ake no Tobari chapter last week on Mangadex. I guess I was so exhausted last week that I forgot I was supposed to upload T-Sensei. So I apologize. My favorite part of this Ake no Tobari chapter is that we finally get the name of Reimei's teacher. I was so excited that we finally get a name after years referring him only as Reimei's teacher. Now I really wish we could get more flashback chapter featuring him. We already have the gist about his demise. But I really want to see the complete story of that.

And this week we have another installment of T-Sensei and the kids. My favorite part when I translated this was the "Wherever You Are" story. In the raws, T-Sensei was yelling as if he is playing hide and seek, looking for his "girlfriend". Takana Yukue really sells the pain in T-Sensei face as he called. I just laugh whenever I get to that page.

Oh yeah, Shout-out to my peeps Mayu and Eva from Mavi Manga for providing the amazing cleaning and typesetting. Seriously, you girls rock!

So here're T-Sensei and Ake no Tobari updates (or in Mangadex case, a double T-Sensei update). I'll see you next week when I share another rant about something.

T-Sensei Volume 3 Chapter 14:
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