Ake no Tobari Ch. 130

Nanaten here wishing everyone a Happy Eid-Adha! Sorry for the delay, It's been an eventful couple of weeks. My brother bought a 3D printer and a copy of Monster Hunter World; My parents brought my cousin's son for a vacation last weekend, so I had to find him the perfect distraction; I uploaded a couple of covers; and my house was robbed. I'll break it to you one-by-one.

My brother bought a 3D printer a couple of weeks ago. After days of calibrating, he started to print stuff. He even started to mesh his own model. Recently, he's been looking up for stuff to print and he's trying to make Agent 76's headgear with his friend. Maybe I should ask to print stuff for my cosplay as well.

A couple of weeks ago (this is before he bought that 3D printer), my brother purchased a copy of Monster Hunter World on Steam. Needless to say, he spent nights grinding for gears with his friends. After the cosplay event (see last week's post), my brother shared his copy to me. Again, needless to say, I abandoned everything I do to play this game. I haven't translated any chapter for the past two weeks now because I was busy slaying monster from their natural habitats to satisfy my murderous urge for better gears.

Then my parents came for Indonesian Proclamation of Independence Day with my cousin's son tagging along. If you have been reading my post for years, you probably know that he's a little rascal. So to keep him away from my brother's figurines and plastic models, I decided to boot up MHW and let him play. Then he got hooked, line, and sinker.

You can see the thread on how he played. He actually played pretty well for a 6 year old. He spent the most of his vacation playing MHW and he never touched the figurines and models. Disaster averted.

For this week's videos I uploaded two covers. First is a cover of Perfume's "Let Me Know" from their latest album Future Pop:
This song is so pleasant to sing. After my brother advised me not to shout at every recording session, I just decided to go low volume and found the sound I'm comfortable with. It was such a pleasant experience, I listened to my own covers a couple of times because I want to relive that pleasant experience. Then after 6th hearing, I found some parts that need improvement. And that's okay. I'm totally fine with that. That means I have still a very long way to go.

Second cover is my team's entry for Love Scenario Chorus Battle:
This is our entry for LSCB Round 2. Like the previous round, the animation was quite unfinished because our animator went MIA and we had to find a last minute replacement. And just like last round, I became a last minute mixer for the song. However unlike last time, I actually have the time to do the mixing properly and we actually use that mix for our entry. I will be uploading my mix for round one next week.

And all of that would make this a very pleasant couple of weeks if it wasn't for what happened a couple of days ago during Eid-Adha. So after the morning prayer, everyone in the house took a nap. After I woke up (my brother is still asleep), I did my chores and make our lunch. I stepped out of our house to check on the butchering next door. I left the door open. I came back two minutes later because I intentionally left the stove on as I was still in the middle of cooking. My brother woke up and asked me if I have seen his phone. Turns out, while I was away, during that two minute window, someone entered our house and snatched both mine and my brother's phones. Luckily nothing else was taken. But to put it on simple terms, Tobari's picture above perfectly describes our mood that day.

About this chapter: this is a very short chapter considering one week break I took and this long post. Shout out to Eva from Mavi Manga for the petrifying cleaning and typesetting. But at least two more mysteries were solved: the mystery behind the resentful relationship between Kokonoe and Magatoki, and the mystery behind the cage on Tobari's core. Also, we get to see Tobari as a newborn baby. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

So that's the end of this long post. Here's the chapter. I might have to take a break again because all that all-nighter grinding at MHW has left me with a summer cold.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 130:
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