Ake no Tobari Ch. 115

Nanaten here. I finally get which series to do to fill up second monthly release.  It is a new series (sorry, Kawahara Masatoshi fans). It's a series I found on random Natalie Comics tweets. It is another cute healing type manga series. I already translate three chapters by the time of writing this post. There's a sneak peek for patrons through the lens feature for today only. Look forward to the new series next week/month.

For the next one week I will be busy with mid-test and papers. I am only halfway done with some of my papers and boy, it looks bleak. I'm starting to get depressed just to think about it.

About this chapter: special thanks to amazing people at Mavi Manga Scanlation Team for the amazing cleaning work this chapter. With mid-terms and paper coming up, this is the kind of help I need. Thank you so much. You guys rock!

So here's this week's release. Next week: Reimei's secret weapon.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 115:
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