Ake no Tobari Ch. 107

Nanaten here completely forgetting about today's update. I apologize for that. I was playing Breath of Fire 5 and after 14 plus hours of dying, restore, and losing all my items, I realized it was already 12pm on Saturday. Also I forgot about doing next week's chapters as well, returning mangas I rented last week (the fine is increasing as we speak), or even doing episodes of next week's Citrus Plays.

Speaking of which:
This week, I played Detective Conan - The Great Deduction of Three People for Playstation 1. I played this when I was 10 and it's actually one of the games that influences me to learn Japanese. So one thing I decided is to play each game for three episodes before switch to other game, unless you want me to continue my playthrough. Perhaps on a livestream? I also need to think up an intro.

From anime side of things: I watched Devilman Crybaby a few days ago. It was amazing. The art style and music were amazing. I cannot express how much I love this anime well enough. By putting it on Netflix, Studio Saru realized there is almost no restriction in their visuals. And they utilized it in a way no one expected from a Japanese anime. It took me a few days just to get over the last two episodes.

How to Keep a Mummy anime aired this week and just like Gakuen Babysitter, it was adorable. It adapts the original webcomic version well. I can't help but to grin at every scene as I recall it from the webcomic. Some part of the chapter have to be rearranged to fit the general story and to introduce the characters quicker. From the pacing, promotional material, and opening theme song, I predict it will adapt to chapter 108 of the webcomic (just after the series gets slightly darker, but not before DARK, darker). The voice actor for Sora took a while to get used to. There's also that ending theme dance routine. I need a full version of that.

Another thing I did last week:
I went to a My Hero Academia cosplay photo session organized by a good friend of mine (you should totally check out his instagram accounts). I cosplayed as Mashirao Ojiro (also known as that guy with a tail) from My Hero Academia with other people. More photos will be posted on his facebook page. You can check out the full album here.

It was at this point of writing this post I realized that I'm slowly shifting away from translation. While it is not a bad thing, because it means I can provide more variety of things, I somehow cannot stress my apologize enough for those who come here for translation.

Speaking of translation, this week, Batoto announced their site's shut down. It was a huge sad news for me. Batoto has always been my go to site for uploading chapter since I started manga translation. Although it has it ups and downs with some titles getting either banned or DMCA'd, It's still a great part of me as manga translator (I rarely go to Manga Traders, so...). Right now I am lost in finding an alternative to upload because I've been trying to find it ever since the DMCA incident. Can anyone suggest a good website and know how? Tell me in the comments.

About this chapter: as you can tell from the thumbnail by now, this is a popular chapter in Japan. There is no conflict, we get to see little Tobari, and a nice character moment. The next few chapters is also like that. It's a nice distraction from knowing of the impending battle that is about to come (and the amount of work I will have to do).

One problem during translation of this chapter: I accidentally ruined my space key when I tried to clean it. Sometimes it won't register. It took me a while to get used to, but it still frustrating that you have to go back and hit space key again. So apologize if you found a slight space typo. Let me know if you found one in the next release. I am the type who take criticism seriously as long as it for self improvement.

So here's the adorable Tobari strikes again. Next week, we get to check Tobari's latest retainer.

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