Ake no Tobari Ch. 103

Nanaten here and welcome back to Citrus Plays! Okay this joke is getting a little bit old. Anyway, to start things off with this week update, I present you the latest episode of Citrus Plays that come out this week. As you can see, I'm playing Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask.

I already recorded a bunch of episodes this week. I will upload three episodes every week (Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday 12 am GMT+8). Hopefully, this will become a regular thing along with scanlation and you will enjoy it.

Second news: Patreon announced this week that they have canceled their plan with the new transaction fee (Hooray!). They posted an apology regarding this issue. They realized that they have overstepped their bounds in the relationship between creators and patrons. Hopefully this issue won't happen again.

Third update: about that Reimei cosplay selfie I mentioned last week. I forgot to take out my phone that day. Apologize. But I did take a couple of pictures with a great cosplay photographer friend of mine. I just haven't heard from him yet about how the pic turn out. There might need a couple of editing. I promise to post those pics.

Fourth random stuff: I'll be doing a video shoot today with a bunch of people for a (not so) secret project. The video is scheduled to be released on December 25th. And no, it is not a christmas themed video. I mentioned it in my upcoming Citrus Plays episode, so tune in to find out what it is.

Now finally about this chapter: This is the most popular chapter of Ake no Tobari in Japan. Hence the irremovable "Popular" tag on the image above. I assume it is because of a flashback featuring a huggable Little Tobari. Also a little warning: prepare your heart.

So here's a Little Tobari for this week. Next week: maybe something a little extra (depends on how long that video shoot will take).

Chapter 103:

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