Illbeck no Seirei Jutsushi Vol. 1 Ch. 5

Nanaten here and welcome back to Illbeck no Seirei Jutsushi. Or as you've already know, the time of the month where I make a confession. This month is about my spending, especially in regards to money I've earn through Patreon and commission.

I'm still living off the money my parents send me every month. It is only enough to buy groceries and pay some of our electric bills. I want to do various things, not just translating manga. And I think Patreon is a good place to get the funds for that.

I've mentioned this more than a couple of times, but I never disclose it in detail. I've been using patreon money to fund most of my random content instead of going for the translation. I've been avoiding to purchase authentic manga raws by using public raws and tankobon scans I found online. So all the money for that went to other upgrades. 

So why am I telling you this? I could've just stay silent about it and move on my life. The thing is: I can't. I am very insecure. I really care about what you think of me. To me, this is a journey and you are my traveling buddies. I want this journey to be as much pleasant and exciting as possible. I want to share everything I find along the road. I've been doing those random stuff such as cosplay and singing for years, but I've never taking it seriously. With money I earned from all of this, I can step up my game and go from being an amateur to slightly less amateur.

So yeah, that's my confession. Most of my earnings goes straight to upgrading for my random stuff instead of purchasing manga raws. Hopefully you can forgive me and keep your support either emotionally, or financially. 

Random stuff: After my finals are over, I'm thinking of opening another commission. Stay tuned for the announcement.

About this chapter: we get the backstory of Cleria. There's also reference to one particular character of the original series.

So here's this month's chapter. Next week: a certain mage appears.

Chapter 5:

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