Illbeck no Seirei Jutsushi Vol. 1 Ch. 4

Nanaten here. Surprisingly, I don't have any heavy stuff to share. I can rant about my insecurities about my singing ability, but we all can agree on the fact that I suck. I'll save some of my confessions for for other times as I have way too many things going on at the same time. This time I'll be talking about random stuff that's been happening that I forgot to mention this month.

A few weeks ago, I bought an sleep mask. I've been using it every night. The cooling pad inside really soothe my tired eyes. I also used it as cooling pad when I had cold. It really helps with my hectic sleeping schedule. There's even one time when I used it in class. Anyway, as I said, it really helps.

I also bought some eyeliner pencils for my cosplay. But I haven't test them yet. In fact, I haven't done any cosplaying in weeks. There's that one time this month but it barely counts. I also bought materials for my cosplay but I ended up buying too much stuffing. By the end of making that prop, I only need 1/10 of what I purchased. Silver lining: now I have enough stuffing to make my own pillow or puppet. All I have to do is to learn how to use my sewing machine.

Anyway, I rambled too much. Here's Etwass character moment. Next month: Cleria's past explained.

Chapter 4:

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