Illbeck no Seirei Jutsushi Vol. 1 Ch. 1

Nanaten here. So here it is. What I've been working on these past few weeks. I am very proud to announce that I am officially picking up this spin-off series.

Some of you might be disappointed learning this announcement. I start this project for a reason. You see, this month I began my post-grad study program. Before that, I was at lost on what to do after I graduated. Back when I started this whole translation thing, I was also at lost. But back then at least I have a purpose: to get into college. Then I discovered CnR series.

I want to relive that moment when I first discovered this series. The sense of wonder and adventure. The same kind of sensation I also felt when I discovered Ake no Tobari. And I want to share it with you, fellow readers and CnR fans.

About this chapter: I used the magazine scans I found at purplecandy's blog. So the quality is quite low. It was not until yesterday I found out that there's a tankobon scans available. I might redo this chapter later.

As I already told in the summary of this manga, this is a short series. I will do this monthly and it will take the second sponsored chapter slot. Let me know if you like this series and want to see the continuation of it down in the comments. And who knows, some abandoned projects might return.

Chapter 1.

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