Shura no Toki Vol. 11 Ch. 2

Nanaten here wishing everyone a (belated) happy valentine's day. Good news: Ake no Tobari will be up next week (special thanks to Hayal from Mavi Manga for the neat cleaning). I totally did not procrastinate and spent the entire month playing Tales of Phantasia X or anything. Hahaha! (I just got to the bath scene in case if you ask)

I just watched episode 4 of Powerless. I think the show is starting to find its grounds as an office comedy show with superhero twist. Though, I wish that I can see the 2016 pilot episode. Speaking of which, I also saw The Dragon Dentist which is based on Japan Animator Expo short. After seeing the short back in 2015, I felt that there's still something left unexplored. I'm glad the special also includes scenes from the original short.

Things that I watch aside, I worked this chapter a few weeks ago and I forgot to do typesetting. While I was waiting for the cleaned version of Ake no Tobari, I decided to get back to this one. So here's the transition chapter from Tatsumi to Torahiko and Komahiko. I'm currently working on Kaiouki and I'm only at page 30.

Chapter 2.

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