Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi ~Koryuu Monogatari~ Vol. 1 Ch. 6

Nanaten here with special surprise gift for you readers. I thought the Holiday season is the perfect chance to show my appreciation to you readers for sticking with me this past few years. And what better series to give than the one that started it all?

I'm so excited to return to this project. I've been planning to do this since November. I was looking through some manga in my hard drive. Then I went to check on purple candy's blog for CnR updates. Then I realized at this point I have less problem understanding Japanese than I was back in 2012. So I decided to test it out on this chapter.

For those who keep close attention, I actually dropped hints about this release. I'm not sure it's subtle enough for anyone to notice. I started to retweet Corseltel fanart from pixiv. Then I did a review on InS.

As for how I'm planning to continue on, I'm not quite sure yet. I have problems with procuring raws for this series. As I mentioned before, I don't know how to buy manga from Ebook Japan.

So here's my semi-return to this series. I'll talk to you more on the next post.

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also special thanks to John Thor for the donation.