Ake no Tobari Ch. 27

Nanaten here. I practically didn't do anything on my birthday. I just sit in front of my computer and just looking at the comments wishing me a happy birthday.

Anyway, this is the first time I do a massive updates. First one is second version of first two chapters. Second is a double update of Ake no Tobari, and finally new chapter of War on Geminar. There's a reason for this updates. Yes, we surpassed the $10 pledges on my patreon!!! Thank you so much for the support! Now that I'm sure this patreon thing might work, I can focus on translating these series.

But unfortunately that have to wait, as I have to push my focus on my academic life. Recently, I've been getting writer's block. Well actually I'm just unmotivated to do my paper. And I really need your support on this. I'm sure I can get through this.

About this chapter: we finally at the end of A Flower for You arc. It's been a wild emotional roller coaster. It started with a positive note and ended with a sad one. We get to see Reimei's past in this chapter, but I think the most shocking reveal is the end of this chapter about the mysterious villain. This guy is a true psychopath.

Even so, this mysterious villain is actually one of my favorite character. Yeah, you read it right! I like him more than Kuize. Just look at this smug smile above! He knows what he's doing. He's ruthless for both sides. He just want to see Tobari's world's burn.

That aside, you might noticed that I used the term "Yokai" in this chapter. That's because this chapter was on queue since last week and I haven't changed it. Same thing goes to latter chapter. Starting chapter 29, I'll be using the term "demon".

Anyway, here's TobaRei chapter. Next: yokai subordinate chapter.

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